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Questions You Should Ask Your Cake Designer

When seeking the perfect cake for your occasion, not all cakes and designers are alike, which is why you need to know what you are looking for.

"Is there anything I need to know before our first consultation?"

The consultation gives us a chance to get to know each other, so that we can discuss style, price, flavor, and other details of your cake.

Very few clients know exactly what sort of cake they want before meeting, but by viewing pictures, and discussing any budget requirements you might have, we can create a masterpiece for your event!

Occasionally, we will have a tasting right away; other times, we will have two or more meetings, as your event gets closer. A tasting can accommodate up to 6 guests. A tasting is $50, refundable when you order a cake; there is no fee if you arrange a tasting after placing an order. Any additional cakes, or subsequent tastings will cost $15 per cake.

"Should I have buttercream or fondant on my cake?"

A cake covered in fondant is smoother, and generally has a more refined appearance than buttercream. However, buttercream also looks very elegant, and can be tinted just as fondant can.

Remember that a cake covered in fondant usually has buttercream underneath, unless you specify some other icing. Because there is an extra step involved with a fondant finish, the price is higher than a buttercream finish.

Most importantly, a humid day can have ill effects on fondant, sometimes causing condensation to build up on the surface. A Styrofoam dummy cake can be used as a display, to prevent this from happening.

"Do you use all natural ingredients in your cakes, fillings, and icings?"

The best tasting cake will not contain shortening, cake mixes, or ‘whipped topping’ (except in rare cases with food allergies). CakeSuite does not use artificial ingredients to save money, because the flavor of the cake is as important as the look.

"What sort of buttercream do you use?"

Meringue and custard based buttercreams are the smoothest, most flavorful, and least greasy. An American buttercream is bright white and grainy, which indicates inferior ingredients. Our butterceams are always either Italian or Swiss meringue based, for a smooth, clean flavor and appearance.