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Private classes for kids or adults

Whether you're a beginner in the kitchen or an old hand, you'll have learn valuable tricks of the trade and have a great time doing it!

Class photo
Michelle demonstrates pastry techniques as a guest at the Center for Culinary Arts
Student with cake
Michelle Ashear Klem with students

CakeSuite's Michelle Ashear Klem will teach you or a group, at your home or business. Topics include:

Basic cake baking

Students learn what makes a great cake. We discuss essentials such as baking chemistry, oven temperature, and proper technique. Several favorite recipes will be given as well.

Basic cake filling, icing, and decorating

(A perfect accompaniment to the baking class.) This class can be taken as a short or long session. The long session involves preparing selected fillings and icings, as well as learning their applications. The short class will have them prepared beforehand.

Fondant and fondant technique

Learn to make your own rolled fondant, and how to drape it over cakes for a smooth finish. We will also cover decorative touches, such as flowers and sculpted figures.

Piping technique

(A perfect accompaniment to the fondant class.) Learn to make royal icing, and even your own piping bags. Learn how to create elegant borders and designs, and more importantly, learn the best way to practice what you learn at home. Miniature cookies Nothing is more memorable at the end of a dinner or cocktail party, than an assortment of miniature homemade cookies. You will prepare doughs, bake, and decorate your own cookies. We will also discuss the best way to store your cookies and dough, so it’s always there when you need it. An assortment of recipes will be provided.

Holiday cookies

Your class can focus on any holiday. Here, we will discuss how to bake holiday cookies in quantity, while keeping organized. We will create elegant, colorful treats, designed to impress.

Recipes are provided for all classes.

Classes vary in length according to subject and class size. Each class is $85 an hour plus cost of materials.

Please book classes as far in advance as possible, since cake orders may be filled far in advance as well.

Contact CakeSuite to arrange your class.